A moments peace

After a fabulous weekend of excessive behaviour I have decided this week I need a moments peace to literally ‘Sort my life out’ and prepare for next months’ madness of Ibiza (more on that later) Friday night was spent seeing The Maccabee’s (great gig, great band) and sampling the views and delights of Alexandra Palace; lots of cider and hairspray, and that was just the boys! Myself and my dearest redhead then found ourselves at our new favourite venue ‘Hootananny’ before treating ourselves to the traditional 3am McDonalds. This was my first of many indulgences. Then came the Saturday evening BBQ as the rain decided to have a break from falling we decided to get outside and stayed out there all night. Literally. 7:30am bedtimes are definitely not to be handled lightly, luckily my favourite redhead and I can cope with it.

So there we are on Saturday evening mingling over chilled white wine, courtesy of the brilliant fridge donated by the boy’s next door, and the inevitable ‘dating’ conversation comes up. Swapping horror stories about men is a lot of fun but quite sad as the more people chip in, the more you realise that finding a sane individual may actually prove more difficult than first thought. So I bring my Pilot text “I realised I can’t motivate myself” story which always gets a reaction of “What!?!” from both men and women (nice but surprisingly not comforting) and trade it with a “He text saying he ‘didn’t have time for me between La Crosse training and life’…” and listen sympathetically to a “We had dinner once and he asks just to stay friends. Like, I had offered anything else!?” all the time thinking- Why!? What!? and most importantly Oh God. The last statement is when I realised that finding a more normal guy may prove more difficult, if they’re not trying to design future homes with you in mind after only the third date, they’re texting the ‘Lets just be friends’ line after one measly meal. Is there a man out there that doesn’t see us as bunny-boiler types who want relationships after one dinner or want to settle down right away after three dates and is it possible to find him without using online dating?! The last part is a deal I have struck with myself that after all the stories- both good and bad- I have heard about online dating I will not be resorting to it. Nope, not even for good blog material. Not including two of my girls who have recently stumbled upon a ‘normal’ boy, it seems that none of my single girls have had any success meeting men lately and the more stories I hear of shoe fetishes and housing plans the more I silently despair, perhaps the saying ‘love will find you when you least expect it’ is true and the less I worry about finding a nice boy the more chance I have of actually meeting a nice boy!?

Besides the slight panic re. men I began this week with a possible second day of hangover and a promise to myself that I needed to ‘Sort my life out’ starting with diet. Now, the next sentence is incredibly shallow so please excuse me, but as Ibiza is only 42 days away and it appears there are no rules re. nudity in The White Isle, I need to prep my body to be at least half prepared for wearing very little clothes. I don’t mean for one minute I will become one of those girls’ who go out in just vest tops but swimwear will be on at some point and I assume in public…. So bootcamp has been booked and the wine consumption has got to be significantly reduced if I am to stand any sort of chance of not being confused for some poor stranded marine animal when soaking up the rays in a haze of hangover and shame from the night before.

If you do know me personally please encourage me to put down the biscuits and put on the running shoes as I may have willpower but I also love cake. I mean, really love cake.

Two aims for this week; not worry about being a tragic spinster at 30 and for the love of god stay away from biscuits, cakes and wines.


thoughts please..

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