Overthinker’s anonymous

No. of runs this week: 2, one of them spontaneous post-chicken dinner!

No. of days on ‘alternative’ milks: 3

No. of four-day working weeks: 2!

Yes that’s right dear readers, I have two four-day weeks coming up as I am going on a ‘mini-break’ with the Isaacs on Friday. Cornwall will be our destination and is inevitable as I get into the full swing of holiday mode *prays it doesn’t rain* which will include eating a lot of ice cream and fudge and inevitably undoing all my hard work at bootcamp. Balance needs to be restored somehow!

A mini update in my world is that my temporary contract is running out at the beginning of July (not phone, work) and I have been trawling job-sites for the past 50 years it seems, trying to find a company willing to take on a fairly recent Literature graduate with rather limited publishing/ editorial experience but a lovely phone manner and great tea-making skills. It stems down to my sheer fussiness and particular need to a) work in London and b) go for positions with ‘copy writer’ ‘Editorial assistant’ Publishing assistant to the assistants assistant’ etc. only, restricting any other position available because it ‘doesn’t sound like something I want to do’. Ridiculous, right? But not in my mind. I want to be able to answer the big Q ‘SO what do you do?’ with a smile and slight tone of smugness when I answer with ‘Oh I’m an *insert aforementioned role here*’ because heck, I went to University and worked relatively hard for my degree so why can’t I afford to be fussy and apply for jobs that have appealing titles!? I feel I am too old to work for free for a large company while they dress it up as an ‘Internship’ when what they really is unpaid labour, no matter how good it may look on my CV and work experience is so hard to gain when trying to work a full-time 9-5pm. Surely there are some entry level jobs still out there!? In the meantime the optimist within is fine with temping, besides I have more important things to think about, i.e my holiday! I am forever being reminded about how hard it is to find permanent jobs in this ‘climate’ as I trawl through yet another job site and find the same old ‘3 month maternity cover’ being offered at an hourly rate in some unheard place in Surrey. Still, temping is fun (ish) and I rather like the idea of being in a different office every month.

Whilst some people would argue I over-think things in the job department as people surely don’t care what job you do as long as you have the luxury of a job, I disagree, but then I am also told I over-think things in other aspects of my life too! All this over-thinking can get a girl confused, surely I’m not the only girl ever who runs through things hypothetically in their head and tries to think up all possible outcomes of a potential situation before it even has a chance to happen!?….Ok, maybe I do need a holiday.


thoughts please..

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