Mini- blog on a mini-break

I love holidays, even the short ones are great. So when asked by my dearest Isaacs if I fancied spending three days on the lovely North coast of Kernow, or Cornwall, I jumped at the chance!

We packed up the car- including dog & set off down the M4/ M5, grabbing our last costa coffee & bit of phone signal before plunging into proper rural cornish life; our second home for holidays. Bliss

Despite the typical English weather trying to dampen our spirits we have already done the obligatory cliff-walk, observed the sea- from a distance as the gail had set in, & eaten our body weight in cake. Holidays were meant for over-indulgence, right?!

As well as the over indulgence in food, cliff-walking & wine-sipping I have also managed to experience a minor emotional trauma in the shape of ‘the ex’, or rather running into the ex. There I was ambling down the street & WHAM there he was, outside Boots, all smiles & small talk with my dad. Break-ups are tough on both parties & when they’re amicable (as much as break-ups can be) & neither are at fault it seems all that ‘anger’ and blame usually felt after the spilt, simply isn’t there. So you owe each other the polite catch-up, even if it is outside Boots on Tintagel highstreet. When you have spent years caring for someone you do want to hear they’re doing well etc. Whilst also being secretly pleased you brushed your hair & made an effort with your outfit. Who knew a mini-break could be so action-packed after only a day! & I haven’t even had an ice-cream yet.

Tomorrows hopes are filled with banana bread (Rick Steins) more coffee’s & vintage bikes as we take on the Camel trail. Lush


thoughts please..

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