Stuck in reverse?

No. of bootcamps: twice a week (progress!)

No. of cakes: one- accidentally inhaled a cupcake on Sat night…and half a slice of cheesecake..

No. of days until Ibiza: 15

Apologies for the lack of blogging of late but I have had so many things to prepare/ buy/ change that blogging has sunk to the bottom of my ‘To-do’ list! On the work-front I have moved into the weird and wonderful world of marketing and have been shoved in at the deep end with running a campaign from my first day. Very simple but effective ‘cookie campaign’ which essentially involves biscuit-bombing various companies with rather tiny branded biscuits. Good luck everyone! Personally I wouldn’t eat anything I  received in the post from a random company I’d never heard of, but then again I’m probably being a bit snobby about the whole thing.

I have also discovered the delights of bootcamp which keeps me out of trouble twice a week and with the holiday looming this is only a good thing. Running about a field in MK like a loon with a load of other people is actually a lot of fun and even if it doesn’t help me tone up before spending two weeks undoing all the hard work, it reminds me of being a child in PE classes again. Bliss.

In date-related news I decided to do something I am all too often guilty of doing and thats the rather optimistic ‘Second-chance’ date- because who needs to listen to their gut instinct when a potential date and some cheeky texts are thrown into the equation…ridiculous. Its funny, we are able to give out all the best and sound advice to your nearest and dearest because you genuinely care about them but when it comes to taking your own advice it becomes a bitter pill which we’d all rather avoid taking. This is how I ended up on a ‘second-chance’ second date which led to an awful third which was rather like hanging out with a moody teenager. Or my brother.

As the re-offending datee does not have a title like his predecessors’  The Italian or Pilot I shall have to refer to him as the ‘second-chancer’ (definitely not as catchy) but suits him anyway. The chancer bit.

Previously we had a lovely first date in a pub last December (Yes, that is not a date typo) and as I didn’t hear from him post-date for four days he found his way swiftly to deletesville. January came and he text to apologise for being such an arse (His words) and we text a bit but nothing came of it. Skip-forward to April where he texts again (Why do men not delete numbers!?) and proposed a ‘DTF’ situation, which is definitely not something that a guy, who is practically AWOL in your life, should ever think let alone ASK a girl he rarely sees. This should have been the clear evidence I needed to confirm he was in fact, just an arsehole, but it wasn’t. So I agreed to a second date, which went well! And he text the next day. New territory. However, along comes the third date and his suggestion of snowboarding. Amazing, have never been on a snowboarding date with a boy and what a cool alternative ‘date’ as we could both snowboard. I did not for one minute think he’d turn up at the snodome avec equipment, only to say he ‘Couldn’t be bothered to actually do it and was there something else to do instead’. Ugh. This is where I fear I am only going backward in the world of men and dating, despite my own education over the last year! Being stuck in reverse in the dating world can never be a good thing, it was honestly like being lumbered with a sulky boy instead of 25-yr-old grown up as ‘Second-chancer’ had also decided not to shave, for several days and that over-sized DC hoodies with beanie hats were appropriate third-date outfit choices. Awful. To top it off ,as I cannot even bare to reveal what we actually ended up doing because a) it was too awful and cringy to re-live and b) I would rather just forget the whole thing ever happened and not have it documented on my blog (Yes, it was that bad) he STILL has not text. So this time round deleting his number will happen (again) and I will not, under any circumstances, reply to any message he decides to send in the future.

I did stupidly assume that as I got older, and my age range for men also went up, the dates got better and I would not be in this situation of awful dates and teenage-like behaviour! I can only hope I am not actually going in reverse when it comes to men and that the second-chancer was simply a blip. A massive blip I should not have made the same mistake with.

There, pretty much a written contract to myself to prevent going backward in the rather complicated world of dating.


2 thoughts on “Stuck in reverse?

  1. Please stick to this! They are rarely better the second time around, let alone the third. And what is it with young men deciding they don’t have to bother with the clothing/personal hygiene stakes? Young women are nearly always beautifully dressed, with care taken over hair and make up and they are hauling around these shambling wrecks that at the very least need a good bath – personally if they can’t be bothered to look at least clean then I wouldn’t be bothered to be seen with them.

    Love M

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