…And I’m online

Call it curiosity, call it a social experiment- heck suggest it could become rather fabulous content for my next few blogs (post Ibiza) but yes, ladies and gentlemen I have decided to finally succumb to all those subliminal nagging facebook ads, TV adverts and shameless bus posters and sign up to online dating, to see what all the fuss is about.

I wouldn’t call myself a skeptic when it comes to online dating but it wasn’t something I felt I would willingly give in to. I have recently watched all my single and fabulous friends sign up one by one to ‘Plenty of fish’, match.com and various other dubious-sounding sites where I assumed only weirdo’s and odd-looking people joined in the vague hope that someone out there would see their profile pic along with the hideously-cliched and heavily-relied-on ‘I’m outgoing and nice’ strap line. Ugh. Snore! However I decided if you can’t beat em’, join em’ and signed up to Uniform dating (cringe) on account of liking a man in uniform but only if he is a: fireman, police officer, Dr and at a push ambulance driver/ paramedic.There is also a teeny tiny element of my fussiness in the uniform thing as I also like a guy who is funny, takes care of himself physically, is passionate about his job (like guys in uniform tend to be)….I may be a bit fussy….

Now, if you read this and are online actively dating, as I imagine many of you are, do NOT commit the following offenses: When asked about hobbies, ‘reading’ ‘eating’ ‘the gym’!? etc. are not answers. I will just assume that as you have managed to actually locate and switch on a computer and then use the internet you have already some ability to ‘read’. I can also safely assume that if you’re a living, breathing human then ‘eating’ is also high up on daily activities and probably shouldn’t be listed as one of your favorite hobbies. Same goes for gym?! As if that’s a sport anyway! What happened to being creative and a simple ‘I like to keep fit’ or ‘Tennis is good’ etc.  Surely that would tell me a whole lot more than claiming the gym is ‘your’ sport. It is not a sport, nor should it be listed as a hobby on a site where people are essentially judging your profile in what limited characters you have to describe yourself.

I could go on picking but that isn’t the point of this exercise; the point I hear you ask? Well, as previously mentioned my single girls have all tried/ are trying online dating with very mixed results; one has formed a relationship, another has had lots of dates but nothing to report home about and the other has had no luck whatsoever but is persevering. I guess I am curious to see whether I fall into one of the aforementioned categories and also to essentially test the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to the modern world of dating.

As I have been typing this post I have been multi-tasking and created a profile on ‘Uniform dating’ and published it so now men in a 20-mile radius can see a rather cute pic of myself and my mum pre-race for life (for the ‘See, I do things’ picture) and a standard picture of me sporting red lipstick and not holding a glass of wine (which was a tough task) Already I have received a ‘flirt’ and two messages from a Paul and Frazer. I am also already sick of it….

Have told Paul I am not interested in army men on account of them being away for god knows how many months a year, and let Frazer and his ‘flirt’ down gently because he was a)  only 20 and b) lives in Bedford and as I am not entirely sure where Bedford is and I don’t, as a rule, go for younger guys I decided it was best just to shoot him down before his flirting got more committed and I received a ‘smiley’. This task is either going to become my full time job outside work, replying to people, liking them, sending virtual ‘flirts’ (still not quite sure what a virtual flirt is!?) or I am going to quickly realize that actually I may be my own problem and being fussy is something I need to put aside?! Or perhaps I have just opened an unnecessary can of worms and complicated my life all in the name of good blog material…..


One thought on “…And I’m online

  1. I think maybe I’m too old to really comment on this – apart from – how on earth can you tell what a person is like based on a random list of comments that are surely going to be biased in their own favour and intended to make a good impression on those reading them! Surely you need to see them in the flesh and get that all important first impression, afterall you never get a second chance to make a first impression and they are very rarely wrong, instinct will surely be screaming somewhere in your consciousness telling you whether someone is right or wrong?
    Love M

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