Ibiza Blog day two: The one where toe nails are lost

Thursday morning begins rather early as I wake at 8am and decide to see what/ who is about. This is the downside to not having a watch- you can’t tell the time until you get outside the hotel, turns out nothing and nobody in Spain is awake before the hour of 10am so my rather brief 8am stroll, with berocca, ended with me going back to bed and guestimating when 10am would come around. We spent Thursday poolside drinking our 2 euro wines from the pool bar and discovering the delights of ‘massive sandwiches’ which were a god-send for the girls in particular because each time I’d enjoy a chorizo and cheese ‘massive sandwich’ silence fell on the poolside for about 5 minutes. They were immense.  Our Derby boy companions were also present for some lilo and poolside action and as it turns out we were all heading to the first big super club of our holiday; Amnesia


Ibiza is actually rather large and despite everyone thinking all the action happens in San Antonio (mostly, it does) all the super clubs tend to be out in the desert, with the coyotes. So when the mention of free and bus gets thrown around everyone and their drug dealer wants in. We joined the mass brawlers down in the centre of San Antonio just after midnight and waited in an orderly queue, as only us brits do, for the free bus. What felt like hours later, as my cheap wine buzz was beginning to fade, a bus appeared. Baring in mind the crowd of aforementioned brawlers was so large that at one point a police car actaully drove down the side of the road with their baton out the window, casually knee-capping drunken idiots as they spilled out into the traffic of central San An. So as this tiny coach arrived there was literally a free-for-all. As several thousand (slight exaggeration) pissed-up brits rushed forward toward to the tiny free bus, which only came every half an hour, several things happened to the seven of us simultaneously: I was stood on with such force that half my big toe-nail was snapped from the top. Teresa had the same misfortune except her whole nail came off. Vick had her bag opened and consequently her purse- complete with post office card holding half her money- was taken. And we all got separated. Chaos

As we re-grouped and decided to knock the free bus on the head in favour for a much more orderly taxi (not free) Vick was devastated, naturally, at her loss. We resolved the issue immediately by heading to Amnesia and getting her sufficiently drunk on 16 euro vodkas whilst watching Paul Van Dyke and enjoying our glow sticks with the Derby boys until 6am. Due to the collective toe-nail casualties, Teresa spent most of Friday morning having her toe bandaged at Amnesia medical centre and we ended up separated- again. Nana and I saw this opportunity as we came back from the desert at 7am, to enjoy some of San An’s unseen sites and as we strolled into the centre again on our way home we picked up two cans of cider and discussed the goings on of the previous night whilst seeing in the morning of Friday.


thoughts please..

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