Ibiza blog Day Five: The one where we are totes ladylike

Later Sunday morning we all wake after spending the rest of the night ( from 6am) squished in the living room together- safety in numbers and all that-  feeling a bit sombre. Sad because this is our holiday and you should never be brought to tears on holiday nor should your poor suffering parents have to hear about it. At 5am. So in order to forget the previous night we hit the poolside hard with cheap wine and cheese sandwiches and decide we are all in need of some TLC girl-style. Talks of dinner out with cocktails, without boys, begin.

Sunday daytime is spent partly with the Welsh boys by the pool, catching them up on the activities as they were AWOL from that side of the group. Dinner is planned to happen on the sunset strip as we were so close to this famous sunset it seemed rude not to witness it, and after the chaos of Saturday evening we discovered its ok to have early(ish) nights in Ibiza.

Dinner and cocktails at Savannah’s, which was the beginning of the strip, begin about 9pm. As we were in Beefa it wasn’t quite the ‘quiet’ approach we would have normally taken, and our lush dinner was  followed by a bit of bar-hoping for more cocktail sampling. Judge Jules is resident DJ at Savannah’s on a Sunday evening before he rushes off to do Judgement Sundays, so as the sun started to set we were treated to the old school Judge on the Ones and two’s. Such a classy way to end a Sunday- cheap cava and free shots aside. Proving you can also do quiet and ladylike whilst staying in San Antonio, although among the chilled out sunset and laid-back music you could still hear the random shouting and dreadful versions of Otto Knows ‘Million voices’ being screamed out by various Scots staying at our hotel.

Sunday evening finished with the usual “Shall we go to the West end or bed?” and this time bed won the unanimous vote and we all trundled off to various bedrooms, after a lovely meal and sunset.


thoughts please..

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