Ibiza Blog Day Eight: The one where we party in bikini tops

*Apologies for the massive delay between posts- actual work got in the way, Imagine!*

Eight days in and Ibiza begins to take its toll on me as I spend most of the day feeling veerrry hungover and tired indeed. I complain about swimming (well, not drowning) being effort, eating being effort, general existence on this day was reeking of effort for me in particular until 2pm rolls around and someone mentions 2 euro wine….

There was a real buzz round the pool as Wednesday was the big ‘Ibiza rocks’ gig at Ibiza Rocks hotel, just up the road from our crack den. Everyone who is anyone will, at some point, visit Ibiza Rocks when holidaying in Ibiza. It is just as big and iconic as attending a superclub except its a lot closer and is more like a mini festival packed into three hours, than a night out raving. The hotel itself is specially built to surround the stage area and pool (which, incidentally wasn’t as good as ours. Obvs) in a giant square of hotel. All the rooms of the hotel face inwards overlooking the stage area so lucky hotel guests got a free show from the comfort of their own hotel room. Some guests used this opportunity to really relax and take advantage of the gig coming to them, by being naked. Completely starkers and very much in view of the crowd below…..

As mentioned before, 2 euro wine was suggested to aid my struggling mood early afternoon, and was accompanied by a ‘pizza picnic’ with the Welsh boys by the pool. Lifted by my cheap buzz I felt I could take on the gig despite the 33 degree heat and crammed conditions we were expecting from seeing Chase and Status live. We girls decided souvenir vest tops with famous plectrum pictures must be purchased before the gig so outfit of choice pre- vest buying was just to be a bikini top and shorts. This made me uncomfortable as usually I wouldn’t consider even wearing shorts on a night out, let alone wearing just a bra as a top!? But I went with it- it was Ibiza after all and anything  it seems is socially acceptable. The mistake we made on the 8th day was peaking too early re. cheap wine and by 7:30, the time we needed to be there, we were hanging already.

Ibiza rocks Hotel was annoyingly placed on a hill. A rather inconvenient, long stupid hill which zapped the little, if any, energy I had left until I was forced to rest by a wall, clinging to my cider can and praying out loud for either a gust of wind or a piggy back as I could go on no more! As we reached live music mecca the shop raiding began and I soon forgot my zero energy levels as shopping was happening. Whilst browsing the stores at Ibiza rocks (I purchased a stupidly over-priced air freshener and an equally useless over-sized vest) I managed to appear racist to some poor Welsh guy as I ranted (out loud) that if I heard another Welsh accent again it would be too soon. My limit had been reached with the Welsh due to my hungover state and current exhaustion! I did however apologise to said guy who overheard this as he looked like Gavin Henson- only taller and even better in the f ace, it wasn’t his fault I had reached my limit.

All the heat exhaustion and lack of energy was totally worth it because Ibiza rocks was a HOOT. It was the best live gig I have ever been to- topping Muse at Reading 2008- Chase and Status were flawless. Literally, best live act I had ever seen and totally worth my five-minute flap at being tired for! The nine of us got separated as soon as Terry ‘Chase’ and Tony ‘Status’ (Moyles joke) came onstage and the mosh pits began. I ended up drifting back and hanging with the Northern boys, who visited our pool occasionally (this resulted in a ‘strip-off’ where I had to eventually draw the line as trousers were being unbuttoned!) I eventually found one friend, loose in the crowd and on her own- with just a foam finger for company. Another had had too much heat and puked, causing a 5 min sit-down-break to happen, whilst the rest of them got lost somewhere between the mosh pit and stage. It was immense! During the 5 min sit-down-puke-break I demonstrated my burpee skills to a member of a fake stag do, drank free warm beer and danced like a loon on the steps side of stage, forgetting I was also only wearing a bikini top! It was so much fun.

Free entry to Es Paradis was included in our ticket and after the gig, which rather rudely ended at 12am (remember, nothing opens til midnight in Beefa) We decided to continue the rave and head into the West End, Delilah’s of course being our first stop. *Please note that we raved non-stop- in 33 degree heat and, despite it being outside in the air, we left Ibiza Rocks looking like we had just showered. Only, the showers had been made of human sweat. We were gross- I had never been so sweaty or wet in my life! Despite our appearance we head out. Things get very hazy after my obligatory grandslam; bikini-clad karaoke was definitely involved though. The night ended with a KFC and a cwtch (Bloody Welsh!) and we were all still buzzing off our Chase and Status high.

Yet another excellent night had by all


thoughts please..

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