Ibiza Blog Day Nine: The one with the unused tickets

Still buzzing from our amazing gig from the night before, Thursday began a lot better than Wednesday! Meeting by the pool once again, with the usual ‘Mess’ comment thrown my way when I eventually joined the girls, talk turned to Chase and Status- our shiny new purchases (vests) worn like proud souvenirs of an excellent night.

On reflection of our first week in Ibiza we all concluded that we were simply not ready to go home yet, we had seen people now come and go in our crack den and had been grateful it wasn’t our turn to leave. Each day saw various groups of Scots (mainly) leaving, looking rather dishevelled and significantly quieter than on their arrival, and newbies traipsing in, met now with suspicious raised eye brows and judgemental glares from all of us poolside (I blame this shift on mob mentality) We girls began to notice, by day nine, more often than not it was men arriving, in fact we couldn’t actually remember that last time we saw an eyelash-clad girl actually arrive…. we were literally being over-run by men.

Usually this would not bother me at all- usually you would never hear me complain about seeing half-naked, muscley, tattooed men everyday, for 8 hours a day. But by day 9 I was sick to my stomach of tribal tattoo’s, rather ridiculous haircuts (the shaved-sides-but-long-and-curly-top look, or ‘Poor man’s Nick Grimshaw, as I like to call them) and brightly coloured swim shorts that I could have very easily been tempted to give up men altogether! The poolside had literally become a testosterone-charged sausage-fest- there were so many tribal tattoo’s on show we feared if they stood too close together the tattoo’s may join up and some sort of Transformer shit would go down- creating one massive transformer-style, over-muscled man. Hideous.

Miraculously this didn’t happen (whilst we were there anyway) but turf wars were on, putting our poor lifeguard, Raoul, under immense pressure as he tried so hard to enforce pool rules. Pool rules included: No drinking in or by the pool (except if you were us) No balls…… Errm. No Lilo’s (us, again!) No spontaneous boom-boxes to be brought poolside, no fighting with the Scottish because you felt one was ‘looking at me funny’ and for crying out loud pick-up your rubbish when you leave.

It was like a playground at some points with very drunk boys yelling at each other in aggressive tones, surprisingly only one fight occurred when we were there but that happened on Friday so you’ll have to wait for that!

Some readers may be aware that whilst we were out in Beefa Radio one were doing their ‘weekend in Ibiza’ too, and despite all of us applying for free tickets to an event at Ushuaia (pronouced ush-why-yer) only two got pairs of tickets. Four tickets for nine people was not going to work so I kindly volunteered myself to stay poolside, with the potential to go West End, as I had learnt from the day before that being constricted by time-frames whilst battling a 7pm hangover, was not for me.

*Readers who have been to Ibiza, and more importantly Ushuaia, may wish to look away now*

Turns out all the girls felt the same and whilst we had an amazing night previously, it had taken its toll and so instead of utilising the free tickets to Radio one’s ‘Amazing-not-to-be-missed, exclusive free beach party, we all stayed lounging by the pool and ate out on the sun set strip instead. Oopsie……. (apols!)

So with no-one taking the opportunity to attend this ‘not-to-be-missed’ beach party, we had a relaxed evening of food, followed by the last night out with some of the Welsh boys. We met them at our local (Delilah’s) and ordered in the grandslams to give some of them a send-off they would definitely forget. Free-shots-for-flashing were on again and as it got to 4am I decided enough was enough. Hotel-bound but sans KFC this time I knocked for Beefa boyfriend as it was his last night, turns out he had out-stayed me (shocker- at his age too) So I crawled into my own bed for the first time in five nights and enjoyed 20 minutes (no exaggeration) of space and power zzz’s before he tracked me down- complete with suitcase.

Thursday ends rather bitter-sweet as Friday brings the end to their holiday…..


thoughts please..

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