Ibiza Blog Day 12: The one where we sleep

Sunday morning comes around all too quickly for my liking and the 24 hour partying is starting to take its toll on the girls! Privilege was, by all accounts, an excellent night- Annie Mac was a particular highlight for me with her remix of Adele being my fav song EVER. We roll in at around 7am and sleep for a few hours before the poolside and toasted cheese sandwiches beckon once more

Having been in Beefa now for 12 days afternoon naps become a routine for some of our group (I don’t include myself as optimum tanning times are 10am-5pm) and as these naps get longer we all decide that perhaps 10 days would have been enough time spent on this mad-island, at our lovingly-named ‘Crack den’. This was also the point in the holiday when our Ibiza colds had truly set in, of course the ‘air conditioning’ is to blame directly and not the very little sleep and lack of fruit and massive-sandwich diet we have all been surviving on for 12 days. I can hardly breathe, tasting food is out of the question and I’m pretty sure if Beefa boyfriend had still been out there I would have been banished to the sofa for snoring. Lush

Sunday we spend lazing by the pool, thoughts of the beach are far too ambitious as the effort involved would have pushed us over the edge so we remain very motionless and only hundred yards from our hotel rooms for the rest of the day. More men had arrived (ugh) throughout the week, resulting in a testosterone-fuelled poolside. Throw in the over-priced vodka/ cider mix from the pool bar and some rather over-worked muscle and you had a recipe for potential disaster. Luckily only one fight happened the whole time we were ‘chill-axing’ but it was all rather unnecessary and by Sunday we girls had had enough! We decided therefore to escape the Crack den that evening at the prime ‘screeching-Otto-Knows-kicking-down-doors-and-yelling-at-girls-from-balconies’ time, between 9pm and mid-night, that occurred every night in the Crack den and legged it across the road to a sweet little terrace restaurant for some civilised dinner.

This was an excellent executive decision and as we tucked into a three-course dinner, with wine (obviously) and watched the sunset on the very peaceful side of mayhem we felt like we were truly on holiday, a relaxing and grown-up hoiday. After stuffing ourselves silly and reflecting fondly on our time so far we decided to hit the hay (at 11pm) and all went off to our rooms to plug in our ipods and drown out the chaos. Donning my summer onesie and creating a playlist on the ipod, largely consisting of Ben Howard and Boys II Men (Yes, you read that correctly) I slipped into an empty bed and slept for what felt like a hundred years’, only waking once at 5:30am to let Luce in. Bliss. This was just what we needed to survive the next few days without losing our minds and we all get up for Monday looking, and feeling ‘A million dollars’……


thoughts please..

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