Normality resumed

After no less than 14 posts about our Lads holiday I can finally get back to blogging about everything and nothing. I shall start with our weekend on Caerdydd, or Cardiff, which was excellent. If you’ve never been I cannot recommend it enough! We stayed in the ‘chic and modern’ area of Cardiff bay; home to the studio buildings for BBC Cymru (where they film Dr Who and Merlin for those Saturday TV fans) and a rather fabulous Wagamama’s!

We started our Welsh road trip by visiting one of the villages which was home to some of the boys from Ibiza (including Beefa Boyf) and bravely stayed for a pint of wine at their local whilst dodging the regulars and their stares. It was an interesting drink to say the least and shortly after the ‘beer garden’ (read: carpark with pile of rubble in corner) gates were locked and we became trapped in the pub we thought it may be best to leave. Still, it was nice to see The Valleys!

After checking into our swanky hotel and jumping on the beds, to make sure they were sturdy enough, we had dinner at Wagamama’s on the bay before heading out for what was to be an excellent night, by all accounts! Walkabout was our first port of call and as it was FULL of men with tight t-shirts, big thighs and tattoo’s, I was happy if we’d stayed all night! Cardiff has an excellent ratio of men to women you see; 5-1, and as a single girl with a particular soft spot for a muscly man, I was rather enjoying the views!

Next was a smallish club called The live lounge- highly recommended venue if, like me, you love a bit of indie music, cheap pints and a sticky floor to contend with. There was a live act on as we arrived but they soon left (cover band, they weren’t great) and the dance floor was packed with beer-guzzling music fans dancing to Feeder and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Despite falling down the stairs, which ran down the centre of the venue (queue very red face), an excellent dance to some cheesy rock was had and some cheap drinks before we moved onto the slightly classier ‘Cuban Bar’. It seemed we had the luck of the English (similar to that of the Irish) that night too as we didn’t queue for venues (Thank you to the bouncers at The Live lounge and Revs) as soon as they heard us speak we were let in, no questions asked! Sometimes it does pay to be a girl I guess. Throw in some singing in the street with local buskers and rather a lot of dancing to motown, and it was the best night out for a long time. Thank you Cardiff, you were brilliant.

As the five of us are massive Gavin and Stacey fans it seemed rude not to have visited Barry Island, or “Barry’s Island” (LOVE Pam) whilst in Wales, so Sunday afternoon we drove our rather hungover selves through the rain to sample the delights of the Island! It isn’t actually an Island… and in the winter its pretty much just arcades and slots but we preserved and enjoyed it for what it was! As is tradition with these seaside destinations we bought sticks of rock and ate in a chippy called “Big Dave’s”, whilst taking pictures of each other by massive posters of Nessa, Smithy, Gav and Stacey. Excellent day, all told.

Now for a life update: After a year at Hughes I am finally saying a rather sad farewell to all the lovely people I have worked with there! The career hunt continues, with Marketing now on my CV *crosses fingers*….. just need to find the Job of my dreams….. not too optimistic right!? Riiggghhtttt!!?? Next position is at The OU and I can only hope they’re as friendly as Hughes House.

Dating: Pah. Non-existent. Not even a hint of interest, but this is fine as I have decided I am in no place to start even considering having a man in my life as the career/ job hunt needs to take precedent, however I feel I should mention ‘Beefa boyfriend’ as he was the last ‘dating interest’ I had. As readers of my Ibiza blog will notice I had a holiday romance whilst away and unlike any normal and sensible person, who would end it at the airport with a “N’aww thanks for everything… have a nice life” hug, I thought it would be fine giving him my number on their last day….. *face palms*…. Under no circumstances is this fine ever- even if they are “A really nice guy with the hottest body you’ve ever seen” you should always, ALWAYS stop at that moment when they ask you for your number/ email address, and ask yourself-‘Why!? Why continue this on after the tans fade and you realise that Wales is another country AND he works impossible shifts so all communication is pointless anyway?!

It is a waste of your thumb energy texting a person who doesn’t even know your last name and whose last memory of you was your face after you’d stayed awake for 70 hours and were last seen wearing a dayglow bra…. Nobody needs memories like that. So yes, I admit, I made the mistake of keeping in contact because he actually is a nice guy but there was no need as it got neither of us anywhere, except using up our minutes. Cynical? maybe…. but then nobody falls in love in Ibiza.


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