Apply here.

Two words.

Just two; apply and here….. seemingly harmless…..

Yet ‘Apply’ and ‘Here’ have now become the bane of my life as I once again find myself in a ‘temporary state‘ after my fixed term contract comes to an end and work once again dries up. After refusing to be jobless I have once again become a temp… and hate it, spending evenings applying for jobs anywhere in an attempt to begin my career job and not have to work for someone I have affectionately named ‘Office hitler’…

Knowing (sort of) what it is I want from a job, I have been applying for strictly ‘career’ move jobs in an attempt to start something exciting, in a new place but with more security so I can avoid temping. It all sounds so simple. It seemed so simple when discussing our career jobs beginning after university, over £1 pints of cider, without a care in the world. Sadly things don’t quite work out as easy as you imagine when you’re boozed up on cheap cider and the biggest problem you’ve faced that day was whether or not you should turn up to your 1pm lecture because its raining and a Jeremy Kyle repeat is on.

Experience is key, I have been making sure I gain as much as possible, and it turns out compromise is also key when finding your career job. I have decided to do this too, compromise, and even went for an interview in Cardiff. There was a time when London was my only option and despite the numerous rejection emails from recruiters that didn’t care, I kept trying to crack my mecca, London. I have now compromised (see, that word again) and applied for positions in Bristol as well as Cardiff in the hope that if I spread my search wider than 45mins from my actual home, a job will soon come! I agree, dear reader, that sticking to the south only doesn’t quite mean I am prepared to move anywhere exactly but south is all I know and I don’t want to try too much too soon…..

So, the interview- It was with a recruiter (Ugh) and for a job that was not at all a match to the snazzy job description that lured me. In fact, it couldn’t have been further from ‘Advertising and Marketing Assistant’ if it had been a for a zoo keeper position. What the recruiter had failed to mention, in the job description, was the awful pushy street-sales,commission-based skivvy job that would pay dreadfully and probably end in tears…. my tears. Tears flowing from hundreds of miles away from my mumma because I MOVED FOR A STUPID JOB THAT WAS FALSELY SOLD TO ME. Despite my very obvious dis-interest when the role was actually explained to me (My exact words: “This is’t something I see myself being able to do…. Or enjoying”) in the interview, I was called for a second interview later this week…..

I politely declined.

I am back now trawling job sites for roles that I would actually be happy with and that would not entail me pushing some broadband deal onto poor unsuspecting shoppers in *insert future home town here*. I am staying positive (for now) and even though I currently work for office hitler, in a work place that heavily frowns upon the use of hand-cream and where hot drinks are scheduled in twice a day, for 15 minute intervals away from your desk, I refuse to lose faith in a new beginning. Besides, don’t they say ‘Good things come to those who wait’…..


thoughts please..

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