In other news…

Apart from the frantic job-hunting and tiresome temping I have been busy doing absolutely nothing and everything at the weekend. Starting with an excellent night out in Cardiff which involved joining street buskers for a mass sing-off with Oasis’ “Wonder wall” being murdered by our off-key wailing and drunkenly stumbling through Eagle Eye Cherry’s ‘Save Tonight’ as we realized one verse in that no-one actually knew the words. We sampled the delights of The live lounge, a live music-come-hip-indie joint in the centre of Cardiff which has an amazing set of stairs in the middle of the club. The very same set of stairs I attempted to strut down- all cool and totes sophisticated, aware I am in full view of the club… …

….and of course I slip down the last three in spectacular fashion, flashing my knickers and giving myself a lush purple bruise on my bum and forearm. Smooth.

We ended the night in Revs, Cuban bar and danced away into the small hours of a Sunday in late September to motown classics. Heaven


Next came glamping, an alternative birthday weekend away with the girls and guys in the middle of nowhere in Suffolk. The weekend was excellent as it didn’t rain (shocker) and the tent was actually glamorous- complete with shower, hot water and a flushing loo. For the win.

We began our trip down to Suffolk with mini wines on the road trip and arrived in pitch-black, freezing temperatures. With wine and a lush slow-cooked chilli, we sat round, pyjama-clad, and giggled ourselves warm (ish) until we were kindly asked to keep the noise down as it was past midnight and the neighbors had complained. Neighbors in the middle of a meadow? In October? Still, we did simmer and off to bed we went……only to be turned into human ice-blocks during the night. It was SO cold at night.

We started Saturday in high spirits, despite the sub-zero temperatures, the sun was shining so off to a Sausage festival (discovered by the power of google) in a near-by town for some sausage-judging, which was a lot of fun. Pub lunch was followed by a browse of a small vintage fair and then onto the beach for an afternoon of pebble-throwing, diet cokes and shop-browsing. We decided to keep warm on the Saturday night with the more traditional method of a fire and managed to borrow a BBQ from our ‘tent neighbors’ as camp fires were frowned upon. Quite rightly too as an open meadow and uncontrolled fires probably don’t mix.

It was even colder on Saturday night so we decided the only thing to do was to crawl into bed and sleep. A fabulous weekend all round, complete with wellies, wools and wines. I highly recommend glamping for a girly weekend/ girls and boys weekend/ couple’s retreat/ insert-reason-to-get-away as its different and a right laugh. Albeit a bit cold


Lets see if next weekend’s Leaving do and celebrating my gorgeous cousin turning 21 will be worthy of a blog. I have a feeling (and a preempted hangover) it will be……..


thoughts please..

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