Sunday slump

It feels like forever since I have been able to sit in front of wordpress and blog about nothing and everything, the lack of blogging from me definitely indicates just how desolate my love life has been. I can’t even recall the last proper date I went on (I think it was Aug) unless you count experiencing my first Gregg’s in an industrial park, with a boy…. come to think about it my work life is not much more interesting.

As its Sunday I have taken the day off from countless job applications/ agencies/ recruiters, donned the pj’s and glasses and decided to fire up the old laptop. Heading straight to facebook and wordpress, bypassing the boring job sites and my emails, I plan to be nosy and most importantly get blogging!

The work situation is looking slightly brighter as after Wednesday  I will no longer have to put up with office hitler and her rather blunt comments on my ‘Vampy lipstick’ or her constant whinging about… erm, everything!? It does however mean the inevitable; contract is ending and there ain’t nothing I can do about it. Instead of letting this looming patch on unemployment get to me, which was a very real possibility on Wednesday eve as I found myself one Ben Howard song away from having a break down. I have decided to view it as a positive ‘few days off’ to really apply myself to jobs and sign up to agencies…. I need to remain rather tight-lipped about work in fear of jinxing anything but if everything works out there will be many a blog post in the next few weeks *crosses fingers*

Re. the dating side to my life, well that is non existent but due to things being slightly (understatement) up in the air for me with far more important things i.e. work, I think men can afford to take a back seat, much to my dearest Mum’s dislike. Things with the beefa boyfriend inevitably fizzled out, for future reference (to myself mainly) these things really should be left at the airport. Despite him being the first real crush I have had- bar none- where I have actually wanted to bite him because I fancy him that much, it simply wasn’t going to work. I did manage to control the urge, as it is probably frowned upon, we left it on friendly, and more importantly unharmed terms. With no interest in creating a crush with any of my man friends, an urge to move away and no spare time between job hunting, bootcamp and working, I simply don’t want to fit a man into my life right now. A decision I am personally more than happy with as I am only young once, but one that has raised a few eyebrows with my nearest and dearest….

However just because I am not actively looking for a man doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the male form, especially when that form is Dan Carter’s.  I am off to enjoy the second half of the rugby match, oh blogging- how I have missed you so!


thoughts please..

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