‘Filthy’ something!

I am currently sat underneath something my brother refers to as a ‘Filthy bassline’ and what I would call an absolute din. All I can hear is muffled ‘Duff Duff Duff-eeeerrrrrrrr- Duff Duff’ etc. and I’ve been to Ibiza! I have danced with the best of them but there is a time and a place for filthy bass… & it is not 2pm on a Monday

Yes, I sound like a grumpy old person but you need to hear it to understand….. I am currently trying to drown him out with commercial radio, of which I make no apology.

Why are we clashing I hear you ask? Well, both the smaller Isaac’s are out of work and being stuck within the same four walls each day (So far its been one day) is trying enough for even the most patient person, i.e. Moi. Whilst I am using the noise from “Amateur-DJ’s -R-us” to give me that extra shove out of the door, out of the county and into Wales *crosses fingers*, The smallest Isaac is using it to ‘practice’ or work on his DJing skills…. I was unaware until recently he had such a desire to be the next superstar DJ. I can’t help think this new passion quickly developed last Thursday, around the same time my temping contract expired….

The Cardiff job-hunt was in full swing last week and with the converse-loving best friend in toe on Friday, we trundled down in search of jobs and potential housing to begin our Welsh adventure. Agencies gave us harsh but honest advice about temp work as we didn’t have Cardiff postcodes we wouldn’t be considered for temp roles. Fine, we will settle for permanent ones we thought! Next, after jobs are found, we will need somewhere to house our skinny jeans and converse,we thought! So estate agents were sourced and as well as getting to know the city better we got a feel for the areas we wanted to live in. Despite the rain, we trooped on and arranged flat viewings over the next few weeks to get the ball rolling. By this time trench-foot had set in and after a celebratory glass of wine and a mini breakdown in wetherspoons, we decided dinner was necessary.

Friday evening was spent in Cardiff’s finest ‘sports bar’, Walkabout, favorite venue of us girls as its where all the men are. Literally. Fueled on burgers and wine, buzzing from the atmosphere of the rugby match that was also on that night (Wales vs. Samoa. Wales lost and I won a round of drinks in a bet) I started to feel a whole lot better about the scary but exciting adventure before us.

We made friends, we laughed, danced and got used to the idea that Cardiff would soon become our new home from home.


thoughts please..

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