Someone hit pause.

Second week in of being ‘On pause’, the term I’m currently using to describe my current employment/ living status, and so far its been an education! Hanging about the Isaac residence during the hours of 8-5pm, the time I would usually spend in an office, in itself has both surprised me and educated me. Some of the things I have learnt in just a week and a day so far:

I have the patience of a SAINT. Yep, not to blow my own trumpet but I can hold my tongue and pretend not to listen, like a boss! Being within the same four walls as the youngest Isaac is enough to test even the most relaxed, chilled person (of which I clearly am) so *Yaaay*….. I am a chilled individual.

My dog is needy. Something I already knew as he follows me about the house, always hounding (scoffs) for attention. An opportunist for cuddles, he will literally follow me everywhere which usually doesn’t bother me as I don’t tend to spend all day in the house. HOWEVER I am now in his needy, clingy presence all day-and yes some may suggest I created the monster in the first place by giving him too much attention, but I just need a break George!! Can’t a girl even pee in peace!? Gees.

Radio junky is back. An excellent feature of being in your own home is the radio can be on ALL the time. As can the kettle. Fabulous for me as I am a radio one junky. Unashamedly so. Highlights so far included ’24 Years at The Tap End’ and innuendo bingo (Pretty much just The Scott Mills show) providing me with mega lolz for those dull afternoons.

Jeremy Kyle is an angry man. I know its wrong, I know its awful (not awful) but I just can’t tear myself away from The Jeremy Kyle show of a morning. It actually stresses me out as he is so angry, yelling and trying to enforce his authority over these people who decide airing their dirty laundry should only be done in public. On tv.  Its got so bad that my mum has now refused to have breakfast with me, but I can’t kick the habit! Morbidly fascinating but equally stressful morning viewing= winning combination.

The Big Bang Theory is actually quite funny. Like most things ‘on trend’ and popular, I am about 7 years behind catching on. Such trends include: The Twilight saga, TOWIE, Russell Howard, and now The Big Bang theory. I think I just enjoy ignoring things everyone loves/ raves about first time round, to then discover it about three years on, talking about how great it/ they are like I am discovering something brand new that no-one else knows about! Ridiculous yes, but its just the way I roll. Big Bang theory is one of those programs. I found myself watching two episodes back to back whilst enjoying a coffee one afternoon and now think its hilarious!

I came out. Yep, regular listeners to Scott Mills will understand. This week I cam out as a fan of ‘Mr 305. Mr world-wide’ Pitbull and I’m not even sorry! I enjoy his nonsensical lyrics and catchy tunes and don’t care WHO knows it *Sings* Don’t stop the paaaarrty…..

Running is back on. I have re-discovered my love for running after the mistress bootcamp had been taking up my post-work weekday time. I now have time for both and as bootcamp is the only time of day I get to talk to another human I am not about to quit that!

I have lost my Christmas mojo. This is a rather sad admission as Christmas is my favorite time of year- bar nothing else. I love it all- the glitter, Father Christmas everythings, christmas flavoured coffee’s and the coca-cola advert. Sadly this year I am just not feeling it yet and despite having started my shopping already, I fear being on pause is distracting me from being excited about this time of year, SO frustrating. As well as being on pause I am currently organizing a move, perhaps this has distracted me too? Whatever the reason behind my losing my Christmas mojo I just hope I find it soon.  May have to resort to listening to Mr Christmas himself, Michael Bublé, as some kind of Christmas therapy.

Recruiters are annoying. Soz if you are a recruiter reading this, but they are annoying. They make you wait for aaagggeeesss then call you up about some job that in no way matches anything you’ve listed as something you’d be remotely interested in. Ugh. Perhaps its just the Welsh recruiters that do this? I get my hopes raised as I see ‘Wales’ calling, and yet they fall just as quickly when the person on the other end is trying to convince me ‘Door to door selling’ is THE way into marketing and advertising. It is not. I would rather just wait for another position to come up whilst trying to avoid killing my brother.

Just a small sample of  things I would otherwise not have experienced/ be ignorant to if I hadn’t run out of work. I think you’ll all agree, these things are character building!


One thought on “Someone hit pause.

  1. Totally love a bit of jezza esp when I see someone I know on it. So far, seen three peeps, I know! x p.s can’t wait to come and visit you in Wales!!!

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