The List

Lists. Everyone has one, whether its to remind them to buy fruit or pay the bills, remind yourself (and others) which celebs it would be ok for you to sleep with if the situation ever arose, keep track of those hideous words you can’t stand or even to force you to be adventurous and try things before you die. Some lists can even be used to order your potential celeb husbands, keeping options open for when number one goes and proposes to his Australian model girlfriend (ugh) and forces you to bump number two to top….

Lists are helpful, useful and also hardly ever put into practice… until now

When sat enjoying a film with the girls, minding my own business, who should come on the screen? Andie McDowell! Immediately ruining my cinema experience as her annoying, ‘bleurgh’ presence drives me nuts! For no good reason other than her mere face bugging me, I declare she is on ‘The List’. From that day on, myself and the skinny-jean loving BF have been carefully constructing a list of celebs (and some non) who annoy us beyond belief, for no other reason than their mere presence/ voice/ face drive us to want to pull off our own toe nails because we are that irritated by them. Childish way of bullying other-wise innocent (and I’m sure) perfectly nice celebs? Maybe, but hey, someone has to do it! It is only recently we have decided to actually keep track and write down the names of celebs who we deem annoying enough to make The List. Of course, there are also rules to creating ‘The List’, you can’t just be constructing lists of annoying celebs willy-nilly. There needs to be some sort of structure, order, and definitely a pride of place to display your list once its underway.

First rule: If you are constructing ‘The List’ with others, as I am, you both have to agree on the person: Eg. We both agreed on Chris Brown, despite both rather liking his songs. We decided he is not a nice person and therefore discount our own love of his catchy songs and put him on The List. However I can’t stand Fearne Cotton, think she is very irritating and potentially deserves to make The List, but the BF vitto-ed, apparently she is not annoying… therefore she remains off The List.

Second rule of The list: You can erase people off ‘The List’ as they may redeem themselves/ you may accidentally bump into them and discover they are in fact nice, lovely and harmless people and therefore do not deserve to be on The List. Also handy for when you put your friend on (for lolz) and need to take them off

Third rule of The List: Positioning The List is something you need to carefully consider as you will want to be reminded of who has made it/ who needs to be removed etc. etc. The BF and I are planning to display ours proudly on the fridge; easy access for our additions as well as letting our visitors know who ticks us off (and possibly how to avoid making the list)

So I bet you’re wondering who has made our list!? It is *currently under construction* BUT these are some of the people, who for no real reason other than they bug the HELL out of us, have made The List:

Andy McDowell, Matt Horne (despite loving Gavin and Stacey) Leona Lewis (don’t get me started), Jordan, Kerry Katona, Jamroquai, All of U2, James Blunt, Bruce Forsyth, Jeremy Vine (that’s for you dad!) David Hay, Chris Brown, Keisha, Kim Kardashian, Tess Daly, Tom Cruise, Jody Marsh, Piers Morgan, Madonna, Alex Reid, Nicole Shirtslinger (after x factor this weekend) …. and it goes on….


thoughts please..

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