In an attempt to actually stick to my ‘New Years Resolutions’ I have decided firstly not to call them ‘resolutions’, and secondly to actually write (yet another) list to keep on top of them! That’s the idea anyway and I am really going to work hard to stick to them.

‘Resolutions’, like the word ‘diets’ are meant to be broken, they sound horrible and therefore no-one bothers to stick to them past Jan 12th. That’s the unspoken rule and everyone does it but this time round for 2013 I am going to make a real effort to stick to my goals, which is why I shall start with the first ‘goal’:

  1. Don’t give up! Self-explanatory goal. I shall stick to each of the following goals throughout the year, but also can apply the not giving up-ness to everyday life; Work, training, a man etc. etc.
  2. Make more of an effort. This one is two-fold: make more of an effort with my brother (call him more) and make more of an effort to be a better person all round. Do more charity work, smile at a stranger everyday, that sort of thing… *smug face*
  3. Run half marathon. Personal goal, will achieve as I have booked on now! Luckily for me I have roped in a friend to run the Cardiff half marathon in October 2013. I figure I have enough time to get into some sort of shape for this…. I hope
  4. Be number 1. Mainly applying this to love life (turns out certain people were not actually single when they said they were) so will be making sure I am number one when dating next year! 
  5. Blog more. This will be easier when I have treated myself to a new laptop (aiming for birthday, may not have it til summer. Ugh) but I will try to maintain my blog weekly…. if my life becomes more interesting that is! Also easier now I have a fancy new phone (joined modern world of iphone) with a blog app! So really, no excuses now!
  6. Start dream job. Or at least look and apply for said ‘dream job’. Failing that, a new job would be lovely! Or enough freelance work to start ‘living the dream’ of working in PJ’s at home
  7. Stick to goals. Again, self-explanatory but the most important goal! Must stick to the above goals in order to achieve them….


In an attempt to remind myself also I will be sticking these to the fridge (again) my new fridge, in a new town, new house- new country even! That’s right dear readers, I am starting the new year with a new adventure…..


*next blog will explain*


thoughts please..

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