Moving day

The day has come when myself and the skinny-jean loving bestie pack up all our worldly belongings (consisting of a lot of Cath Kidston mugs and random home ware) and drive our little cars across a massive bridge and into a new adventure.

Yep, we are moving to Cardiff! After an excellent weekend spent in Cardiff and a rather wet trip to Barry Island one of the girls said “Why don’t we move here!?”… why not indeed! Circumstances with work meant I was then more able to make a move such as this one- and so I did!

As a city loving girl-about-town, living where I currently do means I constantly yearn for my city life again. At university we lived right in the ‘thick of it’. Walking to town was not a chore and my car was a mere distant memory. I miss being able to walk to the pub, walk into town for a magazine or ice cream and back at home I had none of this. London was always my goal but it turns out to be more difficult (and expensive) to get into than I first thought. I needed another adventure after university and I certainly didn’t see myself starting a career where I currently am so I decided to take action!

Work-wise temping is our only option right now, the permanent roles take awhile to work through and the interview process has proved slightly awkward with a 2.5 hour commute each time so living in the city will make it easier all round! I wanted to live in the city centre, walk to work, live near a park to keep up my running, go to more gigs and generally get back into the swing of things and all of these boxes have been ticked for us with this move! Sure, some people have suggested I am moving for beer and boys (I am not going to deny that I hope beer and boys are involved) but I am also moving to gain my cosmopolitan lifestyle once again.

In an attempt to keep everyone up to date with our Welsh-based activities I will be blogging weekly (again, keeping my ‘goals’) with antics, banter and general events that take place in the fabulous city of Cardiff!

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have a room to pack and a bit of admin to sort (tenancy-based) SO exciting!


thoughts please..

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