Two weeks in…

Apologies for the delay in updates re. Cardiff but so much and nothing much has happened so far:

  • We have befriended a barman on first name terms in our local (very important)
  • Hosted a soireé
  • Had one of the girls to stay
  • Stumbled home in the am
  • Worked at proper jobs
  • Been grown up and sorted bills/ parking permits/ rubbish collection days and general stuff you forget about but is actually rather important for everyday living
  • Met our neighbours
  • Tested cinema (again, very important)
  • Been home already

The last one was a rather annoying event which went something like this:

“So we are now five days into the move, two days into a new year and already I find myself landed back home. Apparently you need very important documents (i.e passports) when starting new jobs, to ensure you are actually allowed to work, and so a rather rash trip home was made for said document.”

Turns out you can make it there and back in time to make it for Africa at 9pm but its a trip we will not be attempting to do again!

I have also been keeping up my NY goal of training for the half marathon whilst exploring our area at the same time. Apart from upsetting the odd motorist (SO sorry!) by running out into the road before checking both ways, it has been rather successful and Cardiff seems to be rather popular with joggers such as myself. I am yet to join a bootcamp down here as I am slightly scared off by the army/ military one in my nearby park but I’m sure as my ‘craving’ …*coughs*… for burpee’s and squats becomes too much to handle I will sign up and prepare to be yelled at again.

The one last thing I need to try now is a date with an actual Welshman, I imagine it will be an interesting experience and one worth a blog!


thoughts please..

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