Face off.

As someone who fears karma and therefore does everything in her power to maintain good karma, I am not one to hold a grudge or be rude to someone (read someone: men off of bad dates etc.) who hasn’t exactly behaved as they should towards me. This has involved perservering with bad dates etc. and general bad behaviour, in the hope my next date will be better. Ugh. I am also on good/ civil terms with all my exes and always reply to messages from people who have been AWOL for months, just because lifes’ too short to hold it against them… and karma can be such a bitch so I tend to leave it to her!

However I have decided to have an exception to my rule, due to one persons particular behaviour, and with the help of my girls have developed a ‘Face’ to pull when/ if the event should ever arise and I end up bumping into said bad person again! The boy in question I hear you ask? Beefa boyfriend… for being a general prat and not only not agreeing to break ties after the holiday but for also hurting others. Idiot.

Anyway, the FACE! It will be something dignified and strong, showing him I neither care he is there (wherever ‘there’ happens to be) and I am a big enough person not to high five him in the face/ yell obscenities at him due to his bad behaviour, which is actually what I want to do. Very grown-up, I think you’d agree! For thos who do know my actual face, I imagine my right eye brow will have some sort of part in my general ‘Face’ pulling and there have been suggestions of ‘Donning’ him too:

def. of Don: Raising head and chin in rather quick manner to display acknowledgment but not so quick you jar your neck. Replaces the classic wink (for those people who, like myself, struggle with winking and look like they’re having a stroke instead)

Sadly I feel none of the former will actually happen at the moment I do see him and it will probably all have been a waste of time deciding which was the best and most dignified way to tell him to ‘Do one- you’re a dog!’ without actually saying it… People may also assume I should probably just let it go and be breezy if our paths ever cross (breeziness will happen with the right amount of wine and just the right outfit) because after all, karma will get him anyway but its always more fun to practise ‘The face’…. just in case


thoughts please..

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