The night THE band came to stay

So I realise this is SO LONG overdue that Idivide have actually finished their tour with Funeral For A Friend and the night they came to stay in Cardiff is now a distant blurred memory, nevertheless it DID happen and this is how it went:

After a long, haarrddd (*coughs*) day at work in the city, I had been doing my usual trawl-through twitter thinking ‘Ugh I need to follow more interesting people’ etc. one tweet jumped out at me immediately ‘Anyone of our followers in Cardiff have a place for 6 guys to stay?’…. Now, those who know me will know me exact reaction, ummm… I DO!!!! As the band followed me first (important element to the story!) I thought I should immediately follow back and invite them round, as I did have room for six boys to come & stay and I did actually live in Cardiff. I forget to add I do live with someone, my skinny-jean loving bestie, who has as much share in our 6-bedroom house as I did but in my excitement I thought it best to answer them first, explain to bestie later why 6 band-boys were on the doorstep!

With an excited Pick me,*stretches arm reeeaaallly high in the air* but still totes casual approach, I replied and said ‘Sure, guys I have never met nor listened to you music, come and stay!’ and with a few replies and an exchange of numbers with Dave from the band, they has arranged to come and stay after their gig in town! Baring in mind it was a Monday, I rushed back to tell my housemate the fantastic news, and she was all for it ( I am VERY lucky!) With a quick trip to Lidl-Lolz for industrial sized crisps and haribo (make them feel more at home. Probably the worst rider they’ve had to date) we planned where they’d sleep and laid out our sheets for them on the four spare beds. Since we couldn’t get into the gig, it was sold out naturally, we decided best course of action was to go to the pub and get really drunk so when 6 smelly, noisy, probably groupie-covered boys who we didn’t know, turned up to our house we would be equally squiffy and prepared to take on anything.

They couldn’t have been further from our stereotype! The lads turned up in their humble tour bus (converted campervan) with big ol’ smiles and not a drop of alcohol inside them! We soon changed that as I whisked Josh and Henry off to Tesco to buy lots of bottles and treat them to an experience at McDonalds in Wales (exactly the same as England) whilst skinny-jean loving bestie entertained and aided them with their bedding. As it was already midnight by the time the alcohol run had happened and we’d all said ‘Hiya’, Dave and Tom decided to hit the hay and went off to find a free bed. The other lads and I stayed in the kitchen, playing drinking games such as ‘Complimentary Spin the bottle’ which involved a bottle and paying compliments to each other when it landed on you etc. Not exactly the rock n roll image we were expecting! Soon people had drifted off and it was 5am (time flies when you’re having fun!) so bed was calling. It was a Monday night after all. The next day all boys had showered and were occupying our living room, talks turned to breakfast and as I made the 7th pot of tea that morning, a few of the boys went to Lidl-Lolz to buy breakfast supplies! How sweet! Not like the rock n roll, boisterous types we expected instead sweet, funny and very considerate bunch of boys from Devon. After one of the lads had very kindly cooked breakfast for us all, it was soon 2:30pm and Bristol was calling so all 6 of the boys packed up their duvets, computers and towels, shoved them into their tour bus-come campervan and said their goodbyes! Off they went to finish their tour with Funeral For A Friend, leaving me and the bestie exhausted but satisfied, totally glad we’d said yes and itching to tidy up!

A fantastic night had- all as a result from a simple tweet! Ah twitter, how I love thee! I urge you all to listen to their music by the way, such nice guys and I imagine, very good performers live.



Myself, Kristen, Henry, Josh



Henry & Kristen



Lads, the morning after the night before


Henry and his dirty pint. Standard 3D glasses on



thoughts please..

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