Tweet Dating

Tweet dating, or speed-dating via twitter, it seems has become THE new way to meet people in your area without the somewhat arduous task of having to sign up to an online dating site, as it seems Twitter is an untapped source all of its own!

Twitter would of course be the speed-dating equivalent in the dating world, only allowing 140 characters to strike up a conversation and give a great first impress, much like the quick minute you’re allowed to spill anything interesting about you in speed dating. It requires you to be virtually punchy, interesting and keep the person intrigued enough not to then unfollow you after the 100th picture of a dog pulling a funny/ amusing face you’ve felt compelled to retweet or post (definitely not me *coughs*). Of course there is the shallow element of ‘Tweet Dating’ that bares similarity to speed-dating too; judging someone on appearances first and foremost, before you decide whether their minute of spiel is worth reading and then following. I would argue that most people start to follow someone they find attractive on Twitter first over how interesting their tweets actually are, much like speed dating. Enter the odd new form of ‘Tweet Dating’.

This first came to my attention when I was somewhat involved in a ‘Get to Know You’ situation via twitter, as I had never even CONSIDERED twitter could be used in a flirty send-me-your-number type way. I have used Twitter in so many different ways before; freelance writing work, free drinks/ ice creams at various events, free entry to clubs, I even got me and the skinny-jean loving bestie on the TV via the wonderful world of Twitter, but never before had I considered I could date someone I followed and favourited willy-nilly. The Fireman who indirectly introduced me to ‘Tweet Dating’ was a follower of mine, and after some banter via public tweets he DM’d (direct messaged) declaring I was a ‘Pretty TV guide’ and asked for my number as tweeting was too limited. We text and shared banter etc. and it was nice to get to know a sweet, interesting guy who wasn’t just after the usual (imaginations required here) men tend to be when meeting on a night out. Or street corner- not as dodgy as it sounded, ended in awful coffee date and dreadful awkwardness with an accountant-come CAGE FIGHTER!?

Although sadly it didn’t work out for us (Geography was not on our side) he was lush and I would definitely consider it again if a cute, uniformed man started DM’ing me again. I wouldn’t however actively use Twitter for this purpose, or am I missing a trick now?

I used Twitter to socialise when moving to Cardiff to make friends *waves enthusiastically at Adrian* and it worked for those purposes, but had never considered it an untapped source for dating, is this a common occurrence now? I have read stories of celebs using Twitter when drunk to trawl for people to sleep with when drunk- This actually happens!? Perhaps I am not using my Twitter to its full potential or maybe I just prefer a more old-fashioned approach to dating, like meeting in the street!?

I will remain open-minded about dating via Twitter and perhaps if I was to have a successful date through the fabulous medium of Twitter I would view it differently, but for now I think I will stick to more conventional methods… they have clearly proven more successful *coughs*….


thoughts please..

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