Its been awhile

*Waves enthusiastically from Cardiff* Hello dear readers,

Apologies first and foremost for my month long absence of blogging, in the words of our queen, Super Nanny, it is simply ‘Un-asceptable’ but I will now attempt to catch you up on all  things Wales-related:

House mates: Since I last blogged I have gained housemates! And I love them! Individually they are fabulous; The Boys (Yep, I live with boys and I think I am ok about this!) are funny, inject a bit of life into the kitchen with their German ways and make for fab pub buddies. The new girl is equally as fab 🙂 in fact I feel she may have been my sister in a former life as we are EXACTLY the same. I definitely admit to a girl crush on her. The house is always lively and there is always someone in willing to sit and have tea with you. This, I love.


Work: Job works me hard and I love it. Not much else to say- I get to write all day and help people use their twitter and facebook, what’s NOT to love.


Running: Is still on as half marathon gets ever closer. Have already done two 10km’s this year, one in my local park in the Diff and the other I forced my dearest mumma to do with me. On mothers day. True love!


And it wouldn’t be a blog without me divulging some kind of tale re. my love life so here goes: I met someone. Someone who makes me want to eat him and who I was (and still am) totally  intimidated by, on account of liking his face mainly! Many dates have happened including dinner, spontaneous drinks, a winner winner chicken dinner (my fave!) park strolling, museum visiting etc. All very nice and grown-up….. And I, the ridiculous human that I am, have so far just acted like a TOTAL loon. I have literally done everything you should not:

  • Got drunk and called him. Showing ugly, wine loon side TOO SOON
  • Cried. By accident (thanks mum!) in his presence
  • Worn glasses in front of him when ill and unaware of his arrival. Hideous
  • Got drunk again and told him I didn’t trust him & I was intimidated by his good looks. Again, cringe-central
  • Second date took him to a cool little bar where, half an hour into dinner, an ‘Old school’ hip hop night started up round us and forced us to yell over Dr Dre beats, eventually making us leave. Embarrassing, but in my defense, also out of my control

MIRACULOUSLY this guy still wants to hang out with me (GOD knows why!) so I feel more updates will be to follow. He couldn’t be ticking more boxes either: Rugby player (CHECK) Welsh (CHECK) Mostly physically disabled by own muscles (can still tie shoe laces. Just) Funny (CHECK) and not emotionally unavailable… *pauses and thinks what could be wrong with him*

May just entitle next blog “Warning: IS nuts” and instead of focusing on why men are crazy/ emotionally unavailable and generally difficult, and address my OWN issues as clearly I am incapable of behaving like a normal person around him. Still, maybe he finds it endearing…


2 thoughts on “Its been awhile

  1. I have restrained my self from comment for a while now but sometimes ….! How can you possibly believe that new boyfriend is too good looking and that you are somehow less than him! You are bright, funny, intelligent and beautiful and he should be (and probably is) thanking his lucky star that he has met you – stop with the insecurities, it doesn’t become you!

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