Déjà Vu

This blog is being written on my shiny new laptop, an essential purchase in my new state of unemployment, as I once again I find myself newly redundant for the second time in my rather short life- even shorter professional life- and I am rather tired of it!

Job hunting is never fun; trawling through hundreds of pages of ‘Sales execs wanted!’ ‘Recruiter needed!’ ‘No experience needed!‘ in SHOUTY CAPS, trying to grab the attention of fellow unemployed graduates and the like, who are desperate to find something that vaguely fits their experience and relevant industry. Its exhausting. However since the first time I was made redundant post-university it appears I have thicker skin and even more determination to eventually work for myself- the dream is to be a freelance writer/ columnist general SEO and social media geek, being able to work with clients one to one (via new laptop, obvs) whilst wearing a fabulous onesie and within inches of my kettle. Bliss.

This is also not an unattainable dream, once I figure out how to get enough interest on a regular basis, as many of my fellow writers (Hiya BDT ladies!) and general fabulous working lady-friends are able to be great mums whilst regularly maintaining blogs, client sites and online magazines etc. from the comfort and stability of their own homes. This time round I do have the added pressure of rent, I would be lying if I didn’t have a fleeting fear that I would end up a new addition to the ‘Crazy bag lady‘ crew, wandering around Cardiff with all my worldy possessions in varying Cath Kidston bags, unbrushed hair (whats new!) but a great collection of shoes. Luckily I have an incredible family who have promised this will not be the case and my crazy bag lady days are currently on hold (for now)

I have decided to turn the situation around and apply for roles further than Cardiff, Bristol to be more precise, and begin a new adventure across the Severn Bridge and slightly closer to my homeland. There is also the case of a new boy, as mentioned in previous blog, who appears to remain interested, despite previous loon-like behaviour, as he is generally a bit of a babe. Out of the circumstances (the unemployment one) he has stepped up more than once; baking Welshcakes when I’ve been poorly, turning up unannounced when I hated to admit I needed the reassurance, putting up with my loon-like guarded behaviour AND even pretended to enjoy various TV programmes because it mattered to me. He is a little bit fabulous in my eyes and I am curious to see where it goes, so Bristol isn’t too far out of his country to continue the exploration as well as begin my own new adventure *crosses fingers*.


So, that’s me. That’s where I am- right up to date- dating and work life covered (ticks boxes usually requested from blog) Well, right up to date would be sat in a rather large comfy sofa with Jeremy Kyle on in the background, unbrushed hair and a cup of coffee in hand.


thoughts please..

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