Approaching the end of an era

So, its been awhile since I have written, soz, and with some interviews under my belt finally, a shiny tan (thanks to a few extra days in the sun!) I am able to report some sort-of news, most of which will seem rather dull but trust me, its the most exciting my life has now become!

  1. Starting off– With the love life (I actually have one now!) Congrats to me! No more jokes being made (ish) about being tragic and alone at family gatherings and engagement parties or comparisons to Bridget Jones and Carrie Bradshaw. I have been dating the same guy for a few months AND he has even met the parents. Big news as its been a few years *glosses over this* More importantly he met some of my tribe, my girls, and they got on very well. However on account of not ‘labelling’ anything we are still seeing each other and dates are still as much as fun as they were in the beginning, watch this  rugby player shaped space!
  2. Interviews– On account of being made redundant (again) I found myself furiously applying, every day, for jobs and even broadened my search as my house lease is nearly up. Cardiff is still where I want to be, Hello, its not like I’ve been here long enough to do ANYTHING on my Welsh-themed To-Do list, so am I am now currently in a limbo with one job which will suit me down to the ground and an offer from another company after a successful interview. Its nice to feel wanted after 3 weeks of, well, rejection mostly!
  3. House– As mentioned before my house share is coming to an end and location is everything to me in Cardiff; I want to walk to work, stroll through parks of an evening and most importantly be within stumbling distance home after a few shandies in town (this is a very important and often overlooked factor when deciding on where to live) So although I am losing my beloved housemate (shes just moving across the road) I am looking forward to moving into a brand new (less shabby) house with shiny new people. Living with a Bestie from the past hasn’t exactly worked out for me and with relations frayed it is time to reconsider options. House viewing is not my most favourite activity, in fact I would rather sit staring at paint drying on a damp infested wall than trawl my negative, blinkered visioned self round other peoples homes, picking faults and asking such questions as “Just how powerful is the wi-fi in the kitchen? What about the bedroom?” “How long do you get the sun in the garden for? “Where can I park my car without fear of someone WALKING on it!?” (actually happened. Now an irrational fear of mine) etc. etc. I cannot ever see past other peoples crap or belongings to envisage my own cath kidston patterned bedding covering the rather tatty bed. Showers within the bath turn my stomach and don’t get me started on kitchens that lack dishwashers… Ugh. Still, I must persevere (probably be more positive) or I will end up on an inflatable mattress on the floor of my dear friends house due to my own stubborness.
  4. Summer lovin’– In the background, rather rapidly speeding its way into my present, is my gorgeous friend’s wedding in which I have the honour and pleasure (mostly mine) of being apart of as a bridesmaid. Many tears will be shed, standard. This is an event we have been planning since we were 17- not an exaggeration- and it is finally approaching! It has been my beacon to aim for over the last few weeks and being able to attend as an ‘Employed and housed’ bridesmaid has now become my achievable dream! A small dream, and now looking far more likely! Of course after every fabulous wedding comes the honeymoon, the gorgeous couple are off for a fabulous jaunt round the west country as neither have ever visited, whereas their bridesmaids (myself included) have booked 7 days of sun, sea, sangria and general raving debauchery on the White Isle of Ibiza. Yep, we are returning once again to live out the sunny days with hangovers, being held together with berroca and cheese toasties and fill our nights in sweaty super clubs. An excellent time will be had by all, as usual.

I realise that many of these points need to be updated rather soon so I promise to blog once I have moved into my shiny (and not dreary) new house, have secured a new job and feel generally like a grown up once more. Now, wheres the sun cream? This book won’t read itself!


thoughts please..

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