A Small Dedication

*Warning: The following blog contains sentences of a squishy and generally ‘lovey’, repulsively sickening nature. Readers of a nervous disposition or weak stomach may wish to turn away now* You have been warned.

My mum is the best mum ever. I realise that many of you reading this will now disagree and say “Hey, you are wrong- MY mum is, in fact, the best mum” etc. but YOU’RE wrong. She is in fact my best friend, the one person whom does not drive me crazy, ever, and the one person I know I could not live without.

Heck, I can’t even go TWO DAYS of her being out of signal (on holiday, poor lady) without having a minor break-down and when she eventually reached signal, I frantically called her on receiving a text “Hi chick, just reached fave coffee spot. Dogs good, weather is nice” etc. etc.

Here she is (on right) all fabulous pre-race for life. She ran the whole 10k and looked EXACTLY like this afterward too. Love her

Here she is (on right) all fabulous pre-race for life. She ran the whole 10k and looked EXACTLY like this afterward too. Love her

My love, and probably more importantly my separation anxiety, knows no bounds. For example: I need to call my mum, whether its day or the middle of the night, and because of this need (ridiculous, I know) she has to take her very old-fashioned mobile to bed each night. And remember to leave it on.

She is always available for me, in my hour(s) of lunacy.

She has answered calls from me at 5am, from Ibiza, in hysterics, claiming to have “Seen things”. Most recently she answered a call at 1:30am in which I made noises that only dogs could hear as she patiently told me to calm down, and subsequently listened to me drunkly ramble about an absolute non-issue that had happened on a night out. I need to be able to speak to her at all/ any ocassion there has been wine… and I have accidentally drunk it. Or some emotional drama has happened to me and I immediately decide I cannot handle the situation alone, she is my first port of call.

I rely on her advice for everything. I simply cannot make a decision without thinking “What would mum say? Or do?!”

From picking my socks, investing in crockery to advice on my latest dating experience (replace ‘experience’ with disaster) I cannot remember the last time I made a decision without running it past her, sometimes I tell her the conclusion I have already been able to reach myself *pulls smug/ prouf of self face* because just sometimes, I am capable of deciding what is the best thing to do/ say/ choose. I am the first to admit that I am a rubbish adult, totally useless in fact, and instead of rolling her eyes (this might happen sometimes) my dearest mum is ready, willing and waiting to give me her best pieces of advice and nuggets of “Have you thought about this”. She is incredible.

She humours me.

Now, for those who may know me personally this will come as a bit of a shock I know, BUT sometimes I can overreact about silly stuff. For example:

“Ohhhh MY GOD *insert family member/ close family friend* is getting MARRIED.. but they’re too young/ not in love/ haven’t even met their other half’s pets yet, surely they’re too young!?”

“Ohhhh MY GOD *insert past name of failed date/ useless boyf* has asked me to meet his parents/ friends/ third cousins twice-removed/ pets etc., do you think its too soon?! I don’t think we’re ready, surely I’m too young!?”

“Mum, I don’t know what I’m going to do *insert trivial and very minor incident* my hairdresser has closed/ Dr’s can’t get me an appointment/ boss is an arse/ I have agreed to do two things at once” etc. etc.

And instead of telling me to get a grip (don’t get me wrong, she does!) she breaks things down, tells me to pull self together and stop being so melodramatic. She is the proverbial slap in the face that I require, almost daily.

This is me. Forever

This is me. Forever

I am also incredibly lucky as I have some amazing close friends who do the exact same for me, whenever I need. I surround myself with people who can firstly, handle my ‘shit’, give it to me straight and tell me to pull myself together in my hours of lunacy. As a result my girls are often in agreement with my darling mother, and therefore against me/ frowning down from their great and wise pedastalls. They often discuss my ridiculousness and raise eyebrows in my direction, and in turn they put up with my separation anxiety. It works, just perfectly.

Always the positive shove when I need it most

Ever the optimist, I am usually very positive and can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but sometimes life just gets that bit too much for me and I find myself sobbing in my onesie, eating dry Lucky Charms out of a plastic child’s bowl. It’s at this point I need to hear “It really is not that bad”. Instead of despairing at my decisions and life choices that have gone slightly skew, she is fully supportive. I mean, really understanding and does far more than she needs as a mum and my favourite person.

Par example:

“Mum, I want to live in a city. So I will now move to Cardiff”. She was totally supportive despite this meaning I live in another country, totally positive and has even remained so when it went a bit pear-shaped.

“Mum, I will continue to see my (rather questionable and jobless) boyf, despite living more than four hours away and having graduated etc. etc. and him perhaps not being the best” She kept her mouth shut and allowed me to find my own feet. The Best.

Could not be more applicable

Could not be more applicable

Support me even when it makes no sense

And finally, when I was made redundant and really should have moved back home, my mumma supported my decision to fight and stay here. Creating a new adventure was so important and she realises this, making her far more wonderful and amazing than she knows. *gags at slushy self*

She is simply the best.

A mini version of her

A mini version of her


thoughts please..

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