Long time coming

Today it suddenly dawned on me that not only had I been neglecting my treasured and HIGHLY theraputic online diary in the form of my blog (this one you are now reading) but also that I had lived nearly two months, and of a lot  life, without being able to pick apart my lunatic ways, discuss various new concerns I have and generally share my issues.

Now, where to begin?!

In the past two months I have:

Said goodbye to two new(ish) housemates and welcomed another two. And a rather alarming amount of tomato plants

Started a new job in which I am relied on to be productive and very busy… all the time. Totes worth it as I step ever closer to freelance writer/ onesie wearing heaven with the title of SEO Account Co-ordinator. Sadly, this also means I have to face my additcion to Buzzfeed head on and cut it down to 10mins a day (not including sharing and inflicting various articles on my new colleagues. Naturally) I have also brought my high maintenance needs for fresh coffee to said new office, luckily my shiny new boss is very sweet and complies (read: bought me a cafetierre and keeps the fresh coffee in ample supply) 

Witnessed two of my gorgeous and oldest friends get married, and even BETTER– I was allowed to be a part of their big day. In rather a big way; one of 8 fabulous bridesmaids. Now, I realise what I am about to say makes me one of the cheesiest, slushy and heart-shaped eyed people… BUT… I can totally see why people say its the happiest day of your life. It truly was one of the happiest days of my life and I didn’t even get to dress up like a princess, stand in front of the love of my life whilst he promsied to love me forever, stand by me in sickness and in health- and all under the watchful eyes of my nearest and dearest (can you tell wedding fever has got me slightly!?) I was totally honoured to be a part of their gorgeous day and cannot wait for more of my friends to get married!

Of course, after the wedding day comes the honeymoon; three of us bridesmaids once again packed up our glowsticks, berocca and smallest bikini’s and headed to the white Isle. Ibiza beckoned once more and we spent 7 days’ raving whilst the actual bride and groom spent a lovely couple of weeks’ in Cornwall. Both parties very disappointed when it was all over- what is there to look forward to when the honeymoon is all over!? Normal life is so average.

I have also gained an actual, proper real-life boyfriend after many months of ‘totes casual’ dating- it seems absence really does make the heart grow fonder. He very romantically decided to call me his girlfriend when down under (not a euphemism) via a certain social media site, and as I am dubbed ‘Social media queen’ by my nearest and dearest, people assumed I would enjoy his approach! I didn’t, but I guess its the meaning of what he was saying “Being 14,000 miles away from you makes me realise I actually rather like you” which is not a bad thing. It would also appear since actually giving it a label, things have calmed down in the crazy, over-thinking stage which is very nice. Things are just easy with him, a good thing (minus the odd princess moment from both sides) and as it has been about ten years since my last relationship (slightly dramatic but scarily accurate) I am very much enjoying the ‘Getting to know you’ stage of it all. However I really feel things will be concreted for us when I go to his first ruggers match and bring WAG chic to the pitch side….. I am fully prepared and dedicated to bringing quilted-jacket and chelsea-boot chic to the game, as much as he, as captain, is dedicated to making his team win every Saturday. *pulls smug- proud face*

Due to my very loved-up last point, not only have I neglected my dearest blog and replaced it with various chicken dates and general loved-up guff, but as I now live in another country from my girls, travelling home every weekend leading up to the wedding, attending the honeymoon, and playing hostess over the bank holiday- I have totally forgotten to be my single self! This is not a bad thing (I can literally hear my mother yell over her premature hat-buying) but as I am in a shiny new relationship and trying very hard to maintain the ‘Matching-underwear-legs-always-shaved-never-breaks-wind‘ stage (its tough!) I rarely have an evening where I can wash my pants, pluck stray hairs, wear a face mask and pile my hair up on my head, kick back and watch rubbish TV. Its really rather liberating, in an unintentionally selfish way.


thoughts please..

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