A rather sympathetic Sunday

Celebrities. As a nation we are obssessed with their every move- the in’s and out’s of their ‘fasinating’ and often totes crazy lives. Thanks to the modern world of social media and awfully trashy magazines, we can satisfy our need to know what and who they’re doing, in a typically amateur and usually fabricated manner. Their relationships are plastered all over every sort of medium, every aspect of their private lives are made so very public and are so well documented, it’s become the ‘norm’ to know who’s split from who… like an extended version of the school playground, just with better hair and more expensive shoes.

This very morning I found myself indulging in some particularly trashy magazines and updating myself with the latest ‘goss’, in a guilty manner of “Well, its nice to know even the rich and famous suffer!” and I don’t mind admitting, it made me feel sorry for some. I actually found myself pitying the likes of Cheryl Cole, Kylie Minogue, Mollie from the Saturdays, Lauren who used to be on TOWIE (google her) and even Gweneth Paltrow (I know!) because unlike the average Joe, when it comes to heartbreak and break ups- there is no escape for them.

When a normal person goes through a break-up, we can hide away from the world for a bit, don pj’s, watch a romcom with copious amounts of wine and indulge in some quality friend time, where slagging off the ex is perfectly acceptable. Sadly, these women cannot escape in such a manner and have to face their exes moving on, very pubically, and usually with even more attractive and younger women. Cheryl Cole, for example, was not only very pubically cheated on by her now ex-husband, but had to put up with thousands of pictures documenting Ashley ‘moving on’ and apparently coping with their divorce by falling into bed with lots of beautiful women. Nigella Lawson’s awful husband has even managed to find someone new- so soon after THAT incident, depsite it being well documented how much of a scum bag he is. And he’s old. So very gross and old. Even the wonderful Kylie Minogue has had to suffer seeing her rather gorgeous ex, Oliver Martinez, (WHO!?) move on to pastures new, after years of being together, and now it seems after another break up for the tiny popstar, with the equally yummy Andres Velencoso (goggle him) she has to go through the heartache of seeing him move on with some 24 year old!?

Why the sympathy? Well, its simple; thanks to not being a masochist I can actively choose never to see my ex move on, I don’t need- or want- to see who he dates next, I can live in blissful ignorance for the rest of my days because I am not a celebrity and I thankfully my life is not splashed across all manners of media, like some kind of dramatic and awful documentary. It’s sadly not the case for any of these women and no amount of surrounding themselves with excellent management can block the images of their ex lovers being with someone new.

Someone once told me you always upgrade from your last relationship, which is probably no conselation for these already perfectly turned out women, and I ask myself how these men like Ashely Cole and Charles Saatchi CAN upgrade from such fabulous figures such as Nigella Lawson and Cheryl Cole (money made her beautiful, I admit) as they already seem pretty damn perfect. If there is no escape from seeing their exes, how can they move on? No wonder poor Cheryl is constantly quoted saying “A part of me will always love Ashely”…. well, of COURSE you will always harbour feelings for him when pictures of his toned torso are all over the press- constantly reminding her of what she’s  not cwtching up to during the cold, winter nights!

And so there in lies my sympathy. These women are constantly reminded of their past relationships, and subsequently the heartache that followed, as their partners move on- some even proposing to younger, slimmer girls after only a few months together, stating “It was love at first sight”, whilst their ex partners are left gobsmacked because he couldn’t even commit to a dinner date with them, let alone marriage.

I am of course, well aware this is what they sign up for when they embark on their singing/ acting/ modelling/ cooking careers etc. and yes, they earn more than any of us can ever imagine, but that doesn’t stop me feeling sorry for them. I am humbly reminded that the best things in life are free, for me that includes: falling hopelessly in love, cwtches on a Sunday and the laughing fits you share with someone over nothing in particular. No amount of money could replace those things, I fear celebs sacrafice far more than their hearts when they fall in and out of other’s beds, and that makes me sad for them.


thoughts please..

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