The big review

And so as the end of the year fast approaches (as in less than 8 hours!) I have decided to review my last year in a few words. This time last year I had decided to move to a bigger and, lets face it, better city; Cardiff

Over 365 days ago I packed up my little yellow mini with my worldy possessions (i.e. not much) and began the adventure, and not only has it worked out so well that I can safely say, with a cheeky grin and ridiculous amount of love for the city, I will be staying for the foreseeable (sorry mum!) I began my adventure with a friend, some mis-matched pots and pans and a whole load of cath Kidston kitchenware- our destination was to be a large 6 bed house which rather quickly filled out with some of the most wonderful people I have met. My adventure began seeing in the new year with some dear old friends in my shiny new city, and I haven’t looked back. My move to Wales stemmed from needing much more from a job, needing to be in the centre of the buzz and generally needing to embrace the cosmopolitan lifestyle I simply didn’t have after university and moving back to the country. Cardiff was the choice after many a good night out spent with wine and my girls, and of course from my love of Gavin and Stacey- I haven’t regretted a second.

In the last year, my adventure in Cardiff has seen me; make life-long friends, live with boys, fall in love, being made redundant, run a half-marathon, land my dream career, move house (up the road), fall out of love, drink rum out of teapots, wander Welsh castles, trapse up mountains, watch more rugby than feasibly possible, lose a dear friend, learn some welsh words, live with two of my dearest friends, laugh, cry, love and generally absorb the goodness that Cardiff has brought me. I have grown far more as a person, than I ever expected from just a year in a new place, and I can only look forward to the next 365 days of adventure, laughter and general Welsh goodness.

Instead of New Years Resolutions I have decided next year I will simply say yes more. Appreciate my loved ones more, be better at keeping in touch with my Baby brother, who will also be starting an adventure in a new city- and country. I will make more effort to see my best friends every month and I will also date. Again. 2014 will be the year of love, right?! And if its not, I will rename it “The year Online Dating became a ‘Thing'”.

Speaking of which, I am starting the new year with a date! It has been suggested to me to change my taste in men slightly (read: ditch the muscle-clad arseholes and date the nicer type) which is easier said than done (its not like they wear signs, is it!?) So I am beginning this year with a NON rugby player, who does not seem to be an arsehole either… this is new territory, but I will embrace it…. Stay tuned!