The Good in Goodbye

There really is nothing ‘Good’ in Goodbye. At all.

So why is it we so readily use ‘Goodbye’ to bring a final end to everything. Draw a line under something and actually mean ‘Goodnight and thanks for all the fish’, when we say it? Where does the ‘Good’ come from and why say it when we mean ‘forever absent, from this moment on’, in our lives?

When we mean ‘See you soon!’, we simply say ‘BYE!’, wave enthusiastically and see the recipient of said ‘Bye’ in a few days or months. A simple ‘Bye’ does not mean the end of your friendship, relationship- or even mean that is the last time you see them EVER, it simply means ‘Catch you later’. So why is it, when we are forced to say a final ‘See you- forever’, we chuck the word Good infront of the Bye and immediately make the positive mean directly the opposite. A cruel oxymoron, we casually look upon to hold far more meaning and power than the two humble words can mean when on their own. Often it is an outside force, pushing us to say these final Goodbyes, it is called adulthood, or life. And it is sometimes a little testing.

Saying Goodbye to an ex is tough. The closure however, feels cathartic and also necessary in order to move on. This is how coffee and ‘Goodbye’ came about. Not exactly ending the way I planned (walking off in a huff and not actually being able to say Good bye) but felt necessary and better than an exchange of more bitter texts and confusion. Whoever said break-ups were easy was either a liar or a cold-hearted zombie!

Sadly, having to say Goodbye to a friend and old housemate brings the total opposite of the ‘good’ too, a final ‘Good bye’ on a cold, crisp day in November. Never an easy day, funerals are the most trialling and difficult situations you are enivitably faced with as death is a part of life. A certainty that you will have to say Goodbye to someone and everyone in your life sooner or later. Having to say a final good bye to someone, for no good reason too, is a hideous fact of life which I once again fail to see the good in. However, being given the chance in the circumstance, feels right. I was able to say fairwell, forever, to a wonderful individual and old housemate, even if nothing about it is right.


After a weekend of final goodbye’s, a lot of tears and some well-deserved sleep, I am beginning to think you have to experience these sorts of fairwells to learn to see the good in Goodbye? Maybe…