The Bucket list

This isn’t the first blog to list ‘100 things to do before you die’ sort of thing but I like the idea of having tiny goals so here are mine

  1. Reach my running target of 10k
  2. Become a published writer- on someone else’s website/paper or forum- through their choice
  3. Watch Casablanca on DVD
  4. Get paid to write anything
  5. Get Glastonbury tickets
  6. Travel to South America, Thailand and Vietnam
  7. Treat myself to a shiny new writers’ laptop
  8. Turn an old dress into a playsuit
  9. Decorate someone else’s bedroom
  10. Have my work published in a magazine
  11. Own a piece of Chanel clothing
  12. Move out and live with friends
  13. Buy an actual CD again
  14. Read ‘Atonement’
  15. Watch the US versions of Steig Larssonn’s ‘Girl who’ trilogy
  16. learn to knit with my mum
  17. Climb the Eiffel Tower
  18. Shop in New York City
  19. Watch all the Sex In The City episodes-again
  20. Finish Catch 22 (the novel)
  21. Own more than 100 pairs of shoes
  22. Perfect my baking so my Mum approves
  23. Buy a new car
  24. Find my perfect vintage bike and ride it!
  25. Find my dream job

4 thoughts on “The Bucket list

    • Funny as in actual mega lolz 🙂 or funny as in weird!? I like it because they’re all achievable. In fact you reminded me to cross off watching SATC again as I completed that on Sunday!

thoughts please..

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